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on-Western art


Pirates of the Caribbean -- 2003
"The cursed treasure is "Aztec Gold.". The gold pieces resemble the so-called Calendar Stone or Sun Stone in shape and general design, although the skull at the center is larger."
Meredith A. TeGrotenhuis
Tarzan and the Valley of Gold -- 1966
"Tarzan and the Valley of Gold, 1966. Mike Henry as Tarzan. He chases the bad guys (quasi-Nazis) through the ruins of Teotihuacan, Mexico. Some of the shots show the site as it actually is -- mostly the Plaza of the Moon, with surrounding structures and mountains in the distance.
But when he climbs to the top of the Pyramid of the Moon, where in reality there is no structure, he suddenly enters a temple filled with gold objects. The make-believe decorations and authentic-looking artifacts are a hoot to compare to the real things.
A fun time. Horrible acting to go with the awful blend of real and Hollywood."
Martin Raish, Binghamton University
Star Wars -- 1977
"Unfortunately this falls into the 'fleeting image' category, but here it is anyway.
In the original Star Wars movie the shot of the jungle on the rebel planet with a few 'structures' sticking up is a shot of Mayan Temples I, II and III at Tikal, Guatemala, taken from the top of Temple IV.
It is probably not worth watching the whole movie for this 5 second shot, but since this is such an American classic and folks are watching it any way, they might as well know what's there."
Einar E. Kvaran
In the Mood for Love -- 2000
"Some of the final scenes of In the Mood for Love by director Wong Kar-Wai are shot in the temple of Ankor Wat in Cambodia."
Arthur Wortmann
The Last Emperor -- 1987
"Last semester I used the last few minutes of The Last Emperor for a discussion of the Forbidden City. In the film, the reeducated former emperor returns as a tourist near the end of his life, buying a ticket and walking through the complex for a final visit to the dragon throne."
Cynthia Mills, U. of Maryland
Hullabaloo Over Georgie and Bonnie's Pictures -- 1979
"The pictures referred to in the title of this late 70's Merchant/Ivory movie are Indian miniatures. I remember being impressed when I saw this in video about 10 years ago. (And by now the 70's costumes are back in style!) "Wry comedy about the purpose and significance of art, set in an Indian palace where various people (including a British aristocrat, wonderfully played by Ashcroft) are attempting to acquire several miniature paintings." from Leonard Maltin Movie & Video Guide"
Pat Hartley
The Tragedy of Othello -- 1952
"Orson Welles' Othello. The movie includes a scene(s) shot in the underground cistern in Al-Jadida in Morocco. The film shows how reflections off the water can create confusing architectural perspectives."
Victoria Robson, School of Advanced Study
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